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Special Package WebSite Tecacom

Development ( Front Office and Back Office ) of a dynamic website

+ hosting 1 Year

+ Ranking on Google

+ Domain Name 1 Year

+ Site Administration ( Update site).

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For all months of July to December 2019 enjoy discount up 40 % advertising spaces on our three major platforms. www.africtroc.com, www.tecacom.com, www.camerpro.com.

Your new flat : www.camerplace.com is ideal for all lovers of IT and telecommunications in Cameroon.

Together discuss , exchange , share knowledge .

Why are we leader the “OPEN SOURCE” in Cameroon ?

Our long experience in this field and our ability to always offer increasingly innovative solutions make us free society leader ‘ OPEN SOURCE ” in Cameroon.

Our areas of expertise :

– Free administration solution Computer networks

– Free solution for Intranet and Internet software

– Free customized solution

What Tecacom Remote Monitoring ?

Tecacom Remote Monitoring is our service that allows you to ” keep an eye ” constantly on people and property protection .

logo telesurveillance anglaisOur system consists of mobile and fixed cameras installed at strategic locations filming and send the images to control monitors installed in a control center , in an office or transmitted remotely . Our system delivers images day or night, flexible and easy to use.

Tecacom Remote monitoring is designed and adapted to monitor places and needs of our customers.

Our devices can be installed for different purposes : deterrence, monitoring activities as part of a safety plan or information gathering, observation of an area or a continuous process or analysis of a given event .